Extra Virgin Olive Oil in bottle


An extra-virgin, high value product, complying with the strictest quality specifications.

The olives are hand picked at 450 metres above sea level, in the heart of Chianti Classico Area.

The crushing is done within 24 hours from the time of picking.

Storage occurs in temperature controlled area.

Poggetto oil has a unique lightness and maintains intact for a long time its characteristic herbaceous aroma.

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Olio Extra Vergine d'Oliva

Cultivation: Since 2008 Azienda Agricola Poggetto has entered the Register of Organic Operators.

Milling: In cold temperature, within 24 hours from picking, without filtering the product.

Organoleptic characteristics: Herbaceous flavour and fragrance.

Quality characteristics: Acidity: inferior to 0.16%.

Packing: Bottles of 0.500 litres, 0.250 litres and 0,100 litres.


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100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml


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